South Mindanao District – DMS Rev. Richie Empleo

We are happy to share the heartwarming success of our Retired Pastors Fellowship! What a blessed and joyful day it has been for our dear retired pastors who have dedicated their lives to serve the Lord by spreading His love to the Christian community.

We would also like to thank our generous sponsor who shared his love towards the Retired Pastors. Each of them received a grocery package to lighten their burdens and bring smiles to their faces. But that’s not all! The District Office also shared their financial aid, ensuring they have the support they need.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who organized, contributed, volunteered, and made this fellowship a resounding success. Your kindness and support have made a tremendous impact on the lives of our retired pastors, and we are forever grateful. May God continue to bless our Retired Pastors abundantly, and may His love shine through our actions as we serve and uplift one another in His name.

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