Calling All Fellow DMS’s: Request for Pastor Assignment at Siasi Alliance Evangelical Church 🙏

Greetings to my esteemed colleagues in the ministry! I am reaching out to humbly request your kind assistance in fulfilling an important need at the Siasi Alliance Evangelical Church.

We are currently in search of a dedicated and passionate pastor to serve at our church. Ideally, we would greatly appreciate if the candidate is a graduate of our esteemed Bible school, as this would ensure a strong foundation in our shared beliefs and values.

Furthermore, as our church embraces diversity and the beauty of cross-cultural ministry, we earnestly desire a pastor who shares this same passion. Someone who can bridge the gaps between cultures, understanding, and embracing the unique perspectives that enrich our congregation.

If you have any recommendations or are aware of potential candidates who fit this description, I kindly ask you to share their information with me at your earliest convenience. Your support in this matter is invaluable, and together, we can continue to spread the message of love, hope, and faith in our community.

-DMS Rev. Nico Devalgue of Sulu-Tawitawi District

From DMS Rev. Marcelo Bangilan