Many church leaders, especially in Christian minority populations, have found a systematic approach for discipling people very helpful but have had limited opportunity for sound biblical teaching or access to models of biblical life and leadership.

We created Discipleship Essentials to fill that gap. Our vision is to see trained, mature, Christ-followers in every nation reaching and discipling the next generation of Christian leaders. Using the library of discipleship resources on more than 130 topics, our partners are launching spiritual movements of multiplying disciples through small group relational discipleship.

Lesson 1 – Your Role as a Disciple Maker

Lesson 2 – The Heart of a Disciple Maker

Lesson 3 – Developing a Strategy

Lesson 4 – Building a Team

Lesson 5 – Teaching for Transformation

Lesson 6 – Using and Developing Discipleship Media

Lesson 7 – The Unique Learning Needs of Children, Youth and Adults

Lesson 8 – Asking Good Questions

Lesson 9 – Creating Community

Lesson 10 – Spiritual Formation

Lesson 11 – Keeping the Group Going and Growing

Lesson 12 – Identifying and Developing Leaders