My dear Brothers and Sisters in the Lord,

After fervent prayers and thorough evaluation, CAMACOP’s Department of Communications and Publications (DCAP) has deactivated all our Facebook pages indefinitely for the following reasons:

1.) Some “dirty” and unwholesome ads have found their way into our FB pages. Since our FB pages are public, we found it difficult to control the entry of these ads;

(2.) CAMACOP has been dragged into some controversial issues because of certain posts, and this could polarize us and jeopardize our unity as a “society”.

(3.) Some “groups” are piggybacking our Facebook pages to their advantage.

You can still view CAMACOP updates through our website, and YouTube account, The Camacop, Inc. These two have stricter privacy settings. We may create new FB accounts in the coming days to replace the old ones, God willing Thank you for your all-out support.

Please pray with us concerning our Social Media Ministry. We test-ran it for almost two years and found it challenging. It’s about time we stood back to see if it is serving the purpose for which it was conceptualized.

Together, let’s protect the integrity and sanctity of our CAMACOP Society and not allow anything to undermine it. Let’s stand guard against evil elements in the social media. God bless us all.

God bless CAMACOP.


Head, Department of Communications and Publications


CAMACOP President