Division of Church Ministries (DCM)

DCM is tasked to help implement the approved programs of CAMACOP – the flagship program of: “Discipleship and Church Planting”.

As a strategy:

  • We visited all the districts and conducted training to all the pastors;

  • We continued said training on-line during the pandemic;

  • We distributed discipleship materials to all the pastors (soft and hard copies);

  • We distributed the manual of discipleship;

  • We gave orientation on the use of the materials;

  • We translate training materials into Cebuano and Filipino; and

  • We conduct series of small group conferences.

Presently, almost all the districts have cascaded the trainings using the materials in partnership with:

  • TWR (TransWorld Radio, Canada) – Discipleship Essentials; and

  • ILI (International Leadership Institute)