On July 23, 2023, a moment of celebration unfolded as Dr. Averell Aragon took the stage to speak at the All-TEE Level One completion ceremony held at the SIR Matina-Davao City center. The atmosphere was charged with excitement and pride as learners donning their togas marked the significance of their achievements.

Throughout the program’s journey, 28 individuals embarked on this transformative learning experience. Today, we applaud the dedication and resilience of the 16 individuals who successfully completed Level One. Their commitment to growth and learning has paved the way for a brighter future, and we commend each and every one of them for their remarkable accomplishments.

A special word of appreciation goes to Rev. and Mrs. Carl Magtibay, whose unwavering support and guidance played a pivotal role in nurturing these learners until the completion of 8 books. Your mentorship and encouragement have been invaluable in shaping their success.

As we reflect on this journey, we humbly thank God for the additional workers in His vineyard. Your contributions have enriched the lives of these learners, allowing them to blossom into confident individuals ready to make their mark in the world.

This completion ceremony not only marks an end but also signifies a new beginning. The knowledge gained and experiences shared will undoubtedly fuel their aspirations for further growth and achievement.

Congratulations to all the Level One graduates! As you embark on new challenges and endeavors, remember that your potential knows no bounds. May your journey ahead be filled with even greater accomplishments and fulfillment. 🌟 #EducationMatters #SuccessStories #LifelongLearning”